How to quickly configure authorization settings in ActiveMQ?

Configuration file: ACTIVEMQ_HOME/conf/activemq.xml

Here’s a sample snippet to show you how authentication / authorization can be handled in ActiveMQ.

. . .
 <authenticationUser username="sa" password="manager" groups="producers,consumers,admins" />
 <authenticationUser username="frontend" password="manager" groups="producers,consumers" />
 <authenticationUser username="backend" password="manager" groups="consumers" />
 <authorizationEntry queue=">" write="producers" read="consumers" admin="admins" />
. . .

For advanced users – ActiveMQ provides pluggable security through various different providers. Have a look at



  1. I can not see anything in this blog.

    1. Thanks Ravi for taking time to notify me about this. Have made the content available now.


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