How to specify multiple WSDLs for generating JAX-WS artifacts using CXF’s Maven plugin for wsdl2java (cxf-codegen-plugin)?

					<!-- for myService1.wsdl -->
					<!-- for myService2.wsdl -->
					. . .

Each element corresponds to a WSDL for which we need to generate artifcats.



  1. Mina Daoud · · Reply

    Thanks for the nice post! I actually was wondering if i can specify a WSDL’s url, or the WSDL should be stored locally?

    1. Mina Daoud · · Reply

      It is so helpful! i wanted to ask how to specify a WSDL url instead of loca WSDL. eg. http://localhost:8080/……


      1. Mina,

        You can specify either a locally saved WSDL or the one which is exposed online (via internet/intranet).

        For example, if you’re writing a client for Amazon Web Services to dynamically make calls to the Amazon database (its catalog), extract information about its complete product line, and purchase products, you can specify the WSDL URL like this – – between wsdl xml element.

        It gets a bit tricky if you have an online URL to refer to and it’s SSL enabled like the one PayPal has – In those scenarios, I usually download the required WSDLs, and related XSDs, and keep it locally.


  2. Many thanks Nice article.
    Is there any way to put the generate files in individual sub folders instead of all ending up in one folder.


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