JavaScript Style Guide

The point of having style guidelines is to have a common vocabulary of coding so people can concentrate on what is said rather than on how it’s said. If code added to a file looks drastically different from the existing code around it, it throws readers out of their rhythm when they go to read it.

Google has a style guide for Javascript @

Airbnb, a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging, published its’ style guide for Javascript @

jQuery has its’ style guide @

Here’s what jQuery has to say about the style guidelines,

jQuery projects strive to use a common set of styles for code and documentation. This facilitates a team of developers working on the same code base. If each developer were to use their own style, there would be jarring changes in the code as someone read through it. This slows comprehension and can also cause spurious differences in changesets as developers alter style in frivolous ways on the code they touch.

Our style guides aim to make the code bases appear as if they were written by one precise punctilious programmer, rather than a cacophony of competing coders. As with many aspects of coding and writing, there can be differences of opinion about the best style. Contentious issues like “spaces versus tabs” or “semicolons or not” distract from the goal of writing code that works. Most project contributors have a slightly different personal coding style, but we all use the jQuery style when contributing to jQuery projects.

Long term, we would like to have all of the formatting automatically done by the build process, so that the resulting code would always follow the style guide. We haven’t reached that nirvana yet, but we have taken a few steps in that direction. For example, our projects contain an EditorConfig file that many programming editors can use to enforce the space and tab rules. Our JSHint configuration checks for common style faux pas such as trailing spaces on a line, or using a variable before it is defined.

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