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NoSQL at Twitter: Why / How they use Scribe, Hadoop/Pig, HBase, Cassandra, and FlockDB for data analytics?

Here’s some interesting NoSQL stuff guys. It’s a presentation about how Twitter uses NoSQL for analytics by Kevin Weil (@kevinweil), Analytics Lead, Twitter. About the presentation Collecting data (Scribe) Storing and Analyzing data (Hadoop) Rapid Learning over Big Data (Pig) .. and Cassandra, HBase, FlockDB. For those who are not aware of the said technologies… […]

Performance Engineering: Slides on eBay Architecture Principles and High Performance Computing

I’ve got a couple of pdfs to share with you all in this post. Here are those: 1. eBay Marketplace Architecture – Architectural Strategies, Patterns and Forces – Randy Shoup, eBay Distinguished Architect 2. How to do 100K+ TPS at less than 1ms latency – Martin Thompson & Michael Barker You can view these pdfs […]

OSGi adoption by Large Scale Java-based Enterprise Software Platforms – LinkedIn Case Study

Just happened to see a powerpoint presentation – Building LinkedIn‘s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi  – while looking for real-life case studies of OSGi implementations. Hope you find this interesting! Download it here – LinkedIn’s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi Building LinkedIn’s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi View more presentations from LinkedIn

Migrating from EJB to Spring and from JBoss to Apache Tomcat: A Real-Life Case Study of Hyperic v4.5 Release

This case study on migrating the open source web application monitoring and management software, Hyperic, to the Spring Framework and Apache Tomcat was originally delivered by Jennifer Hickey at the 2010 SpringOne 2GX conference. This migration work was done for Hyperic v4.5 release. Here are some of the advantages cited about this migration: 1. Improved […]

Web Services Specifications/Standards – A handy poster for Web Services’ Architects/Developers

Just came across a pdf document that summarizes the web services’ specifications/standards neatly as a poster. It was an interesting read. Often we go through vague theory, which we hardly remember over time. But this one, I’m sure, you’ll remember for a long time. This PDF document can be downloaded from here – innoQ_WS-Standards_Poster_2007-02.pdf. Wikipedia […]

Scalability Patterns/Real-life Scalability Best Practices

While I was googling for some content on the Scalability patterns, I’ve found an interesting blog post written by a person named Jeppe at Here’s the content in brief: Load distribution – Spread the system load across multiple processing units Load balancing / load sharing – Spreading the load across many components with equal […]

Using CachingConnectionFactory with Spring JmsTemplate: What problem does it solve?

From Spring framework API docs for org.springframework.jms.core.JmsTemplate, “…The ConnectionFactory used with this template should return pooled Connections (or a single shared Connection) as well as pooled Sessions and MessageProducers. Otherwise, performance of ad-hoc JMS operations is going to suffer. The simplest option is to use the Spring-provided SingleConnectionFactory as a decorator for your target ConnectionFactory, […]

Spring Task Scheduler vs Quartz

Platform/Language: Java Components Versions: Spring 3.0, Quartz 1.8.4 Go for Spring’s light weight task scheduler implementation, if you’ve just SIMPLE requirements.. run tasks once after specified time schedule tasks to run repeatedly (fixed-rate as well as fixed delay) scheduling tasks based on simple cron expressions, etc. On the other hand, if you’ve COMPLEX requirements – […]