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Creating OSGi projects using Eclipse IDE and Maven

If you want to create any of these projects listed below using Eclipse IDE, OSGi Application Project OSGi Bundle Project OSGi Composite Bundle Project OSGi Fragment Project Blueprint File you need to have IBM Rational Development Tools for OSGi Applications installed. Why do we need these tools?     Create and edit OSGi bundles, composite bundles, […]

J2EE/Java EE File Formats: EAR vs WAR

Overview J2EE application server has two containers (run time environments) – one is web container and other is EJB container Web container hosts web applications based on JSP/Servlets API – designed specifically for web request handling – more of request/response distributed computing. Web container requires the web module to be packaged in WAR file that […]

JBoss App Server Memory and Thread Info Using JMX Console

JBoss AS (Application Server) provides some useful information through its JMX console that’d be helpful in understanding the deployed applications and doing some performance tuning. The provided information include server performance, how much memory is used, the total CPU time each thread has used etc.. How to know all this info? Open the below URL […]