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Creating OSGi projects using Eclipse IDE and Maven

If you want to create any of these projects listed below using Eclipse IDE, OSGi Application Project OSGi Bundle Project OSGi Composite Bundle Project OSGi Fragment Project Blueprint File you need to have IBM Rational Development Tools for OSGi Applications installed. Why do we need these tools?     Create and edit OSGi bundles, composite bundles, […]

Groovy Programming with Eclipse: A Beginner’s Guide

What’s Groovy? If you know about Groovy already, you may skip this introduction. For those of you who are not aware of it yet, it’s one of the most popular Dynamic language for the Java platform (JVM). It is dynamically compiled to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecode and interoperates with other Java code and libraries. […]

Getting started with Python programming – A simple example with all basic stuff

I’ve tried out this python code in Eclipse Helios (v3.6) with PyDev plugin installed and using Python v2.7 interpreter. If you know programming in any language – C/C++/Java etc. – you’ll understand this easily.  And, you can always google if you aren’t sure of any term.