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How to create/generate OSGi bundles from existing third-party jars?

If you get to work with OSGi, you often have to generate OSGi bundles. Any third party jar can’t be included straightaway in your application – you need to create an OSGi bundle of the jar you want to include. Quoting from http://blog.springsource.org/2008/02/18/creating-osgi-bundles/, a bundle is a JAR file that: Contains […] resources Contains a […]

Creating OSGi projects using Eclipse IDE and Maven

If you want to create any of these projects listed below using Eclipse IDE, OSGi Application Project OSGi Bundle Project OSGi Composite Bundle Project OSGi Fragment Project Blueprint File you need to have IBM Rational Development Tools for OSGi Applications installed. Why do we need these tools?     Create and edit OSGi bundles, composite bundles, […]

OSGi adoption by Large Scale Java-based Enterprise Software Platforms – LinkedIn Case Study

Just happened to see a powerpoint presentation – Building LinkedIn‘s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi  – while looking for real-life case studies of OSGi implementations. Hope you find this interesting! Download it here – LinkedIn’s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi Building LinkedIn’s Next Generation Architecture with OSGi View more presentations from LinkedIn

Working with OSGi and Maven in Eclipse IDE

Well, this time I was trying to do something with OSGi and Maven in Eclipse and I looked out for some interesting stuff that could guide me, and here’s a pdf doc that I found to be useful: Working with Maven, Eclipse and OSGi About OSGi From an article by Sunil Patel @ http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-03-2008/jw-03-osgi1.html, “The […]